useRs at UNC EPID

We believe the R community’s spirit of collaboration and mutual aid offers great benefits to epidemiology and public health in general. Epidemiology journals increasingly release code and explore novel methods in R scripts and packages. For public health practitioners and students wanting to take their statistics and programming skills with them, R’s free, open source model has real power. And because we share goals of increased public health, collaboration and support for the tools of our trade helps everyone.

Though R’s online support is renown (see Stack Exchange), learning packages and techniques on one’s own can sometimes still be tough, and since coding has increasingly become a core skill of epidemiologists, time and frustration saved (which R promises and can deliver on!) can make a big difference. However, for UNC-specific methods, classes and datasets, there is no substitute for a local community of fellow users. We believe supporting a collaborative useR community in UNC-SPH, both during the R class and afterward, will help us code, learn, and ultimately produce useful public health research and practice more efficiently and with less frustration than we could alone.

R Course Instructional Team

Mike Dolan Fliss, Nat MacNell, Sara Levintow, Nick Brazeau

UNC Student UseRs

Halei Benefield, Hadi Beyhaghi, Victoria Buchanan, Manuela Bullo, Deanna Caruso, Josie Caves, Devika Chawla, Evette Cordoba, Carmen Cuthbertson, Nathan De Bono, Molly Deutsch-Feldman, Brett Doherty, Kristen Downs, Dominique Drager, Samantha Drover, Jonathan Fix, Martina Gaggl, Danielle Gartner, Lauren Graybill, Katherine Harmon, Chani Hodonsky, Sarah Hoffman, Christine Hsu, Phyo Than Htoo, Sinead Isaacson, Amy Ising, Jessica Islam, Gieira Jones, Elizabeth Kamai, Rae Anne Martinez, Libby McClure, Grace Mulholland, Jack Murphy, Tetsu Ohnuma, Linnea Olsson, Dana Pasquale, Arbor Quist, Molly Remch, Mya Roberson, Peter Samai, Samantha Schilsky, Shahar Shmuel, Riju Shrestha, Brooke Staley, Rebecca Stebbins, Kelsey Sumner, Sydney Thai, Hilary Topazian, Sanah Vohra, Kristin Voltzke, Tian Wang, Yumeng Wang, Adrien Wilkie, Yuzhi Xi, Liz Yang, Allison Young, Jessica Young, Sabrina Zadrozny, Lauren Zalla

UNC Faculty UseRs

Alan Brookhart, Alex Keil, Jennifer Lund, Steven Meshnick, Kristin Young