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Welcome to the course page for R for Epidemiologists, Fall 2017!

Class is held M/W 11:15-12:30, McGavran-Greenberg Hall 2306.

Download Syllabus and NC births data for homework. See the Resources page for information about Datacamp invites. Fill out the class Roster and join the google group to get class messages.

If you joined the class late: welcome! We suggest you review (and work through in R!) the previous slides, download and load the data, and review the past messages in the google group to get you up to speed. The 8/30 lecture marked the end/culmination of the foundations section, before digging into our real dataset, so that might be a good one to review the recording for.

Week Lecture Homework Optional
W 8/23 Introduction to the Course and RStudio
In Class: Fill out Roster and join google group. Adv-R: Intro
M 8/28 Programming with R I
(script, recording -no slide video=oops)
Due: R & RStudio installed. Adv-R: Foundations (stop at functions)
W 8/30 Programming with R II
(recording, script)
Load births_sm. Explore: use functions / subsetting from lecture.
M 9/4 Labor Day – No Class
W 9/6 Programming with R III
HW introduced
(see slides)
Adv-R: Functional Programming 1-3
M 9/11 Numerical Descriptives
(exercises, script, recording)
W 9/13 Graphical Descriptives
Webinar: dplyr/ggplot2/purr 11am EST. Base R Graphics demo. Datacamp graphics intro.
M 9/18 ggplot 1
Datacamp intro to ggplot2. Highly recommend: RStudio tidyverse webinar.
W 9/20 ggplot 2
 Due: HW1
 *Note, hw due at at 11:59pm
M 9/25 dplyr 1
(demo script, recording)
W 9/27 dplyr 2
M 10/2 GLMs I
 Due: HW2
W 10/4 GLMs II (script, recording)
M 10/9 Confounding & DAGs
(script, recording)
W 10/11 Projects Ideas  Due: HW3
(recode tbl, county tiers, answers)
Updated due date for HW3
M 10/16 Effect Measure Modification (EMM)
W 10/18 Help Session / Open Class
M 10/23 Outputs and Reports
(excel, recording)
W 10/25 Markdown (recording)  Due: HW4
Updated due date for HW4
M 10/30 Maps 1 (recording)
W 11/1 Maps 2 (recording, scriptNC counties)
M 11/6 Maps 3: Examples (recording)
W 11/8 Genetic Epi, Package Dev, Git (Sara, recording)  Due: HW5
 Updated due date for HW5
M 11/13 Pharmaco-epidemiology (Leah & Alan, recording)
W 11/15 Simulation: Power and Sensitivity (example script)
M 11/20 Special Topics: IPW & More (script)
(w/ Jonathan Todd)
W 11/22 Thanksgiving
M 11/27 A: Network and Transmission (script)
B: Shiny (script)
W 11/29 Presentations Arbor, Sam, Yuzhi, Rae Anne, Josie, Shahar, Allison
M 12/4 Presentations Jonathan, Amy, Danielle, Linnea, Victoria, Martina, Kristen, Libby, Nick, Manuela, Yumeng
W 12/6 Wrap-up